Briquette Product

Briquetting is a process where coconut shell charcoal powder is compressed under high pressure using mechanical presses method. We developed briquettes for many usages such as barbeque, shisha/hookah, furnace heating and other purposes. Organik Super Agro provides cube briquette, hexagonal briquette and stick briquette. Organik Super Agro briquette product has specification as below:

  • High quality briquette coconut shell charcoal
  • Very hard
  • Very low ash and smokeless
  • 100% pure coconut shell charcoal
  • Up to 7000 calories
  • Long burning time
  • Silver ash and nice shape
  • Custom size and shape can be requested

Stick Briquette

  • Suitable for barbeque, furnace heating purposes.
  • Diameter 2,5 – 3 cm or size or can be requested.

  Cube Briquette

  • Suitable for shisha and barbeque purposes.
  • International size 2,2 cm * 2,2 cm * 2,2 cm OR 2,5 cm * 2,5 cm * 2,5 cm.


Hexagonal Briquette

  • Suitable for barbeque and furnace heating purposes.
  • Diameter 4,5 cm.
  • Available raw material from coconut shell charcoal or wooden charcoal.